Caimans Star in Awesome Photoshoot

Andrew McGibbon shares his expertise with a live audience of almost 100 people for an up close live demonstration of how to photograph animals in a studio with the project Caiman Crocodilus. The London-based photographer/conservationist goes the whole nine yards collaborating with animal psychologist/coordinator Trevor Smith and reptile specialist Rob Louth of Animals Work and Reptile Life to transport 4 caimans to London for the exclusive photo shoot. The fog machines and colored lights against the stark black background add an ethereal effect to what might look like just another nature shot.

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_01

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_02

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_03

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_04

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_05

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_06

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_07

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_08

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_09

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_10

Andrew_ McGibbon_caiman_crocodilus_11