Mental Illness as Monsters

Toby Allen gives personalities to mental illnesses the best way he knows how, by illustrating them. Aptly labeling the series ‘Real Monsters,’ Allen gives each condition his best portrayal of the demons who overrun minds and hopes to give tangibility to something so debilitating and elusive especially to those who suffer from them.

Artist Turns Sh*t into Art

Well, not that kind of sh*t. LA-Based Italian illustrator Mauro Gatti turned some of the most commonly uttered words in the city, which is the “f” word and the aforementioned word that also means “poop,” into pleasing art. He thought that this was a great way to honor the two most popular words that help us get through a rough day.

Everyday Objects Turned Into 3d Art

Christoph Niemann creates a series of absurdly convincing 3D images using everyday objects in Sunday Sketches. Manipulating mundane items to be viewed in a completely different light when coupled with his clever sketches, the New York-based artist takes the saying ‘thinking outside the box’ in a whole other level.

Meet Drogo–the Cutest Pet Dragon in All of Social Media

Pets with their very own social media pages have become a thing. Heck, you probably have one for your furry golden retriever. Well, Bangladeshi twins Manik and Ratan did the same for their pet dragon, Drogo. You can check out this cute reptile’s adventures on his Facebook and Instagram pages and see how much fun he’s having interacting with real-life 3D objects.