Power Ranger Parkour

Cameron Sun of Cam’s Creations enlisted freerunner Omar Zaki to star in his latest short. Power Ranger Parkour follows Zaki freerun around town while wearing a Red Power Ranger outfit. His jumps, flips and spins are on point, but we’re not sure about his fighting skills though.

How to Make a Pencil Vase from CDs

If you’re wondering what to do with all those AOL discs you received in the 90s which you kept, this would be it. Builder Steve Twydell of Templeboy Turnings in Sligo Ireland glued together a stack of compact discs to a block of wood, then transformed the resulting piece into a unique goblet. We really enjoyed watching this drinking cup take shape as it spun on the lathe.

Electric Off-Road Rollerblades

Off road adventure is once again improved with a new device built by Jack Skopinski. The EV4 Off-Road Rollerblades is an electric rollerblade featuring rubber tracks, two small motors powered by an 11-pound battery. These blades can propel you up to 9 MPH for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Laser Hair Removal in Super Slow Motion

Ever wonder what happens to your skin and hair during a session of laser hair removal? The folks at YouTube channel Veritasium went to a local beauty salon to film what happens to your body when zapped with laser, all while using a super slow motion camera. Check out the full video to learn more about the science behind laser hair removal.