Coca-Cola Slurp Surprises Moviegoers

What better way to catch the moviegoers’ attention than to put them in a movie themselves. Coca-Cola teamed up with ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark to elevate the usual public service announcement at movie theaters about being quiet and turning off cellphones during the show.  Saatchi Denmark executive creative director Jason Mendes says of inconsiderate moviegoers, “Whether they are slurping, eating, or speaking too loudly, they suddenly interrupt the movie and become part of the experience. So the creative platform and line was, ‘The movie’s better without you in it. Please keep quiet.'” Taking into account how many people can be edited into the fake trailer within the restricted time frame and with several practice runs,  they were finally able to put their plan into action at the Copenhagen premiere of Anchorman 2. With a green screen posted in the lobby of the theater, hidden cameras were able to capture candid shots of moviegoers with their snacks and reactions to the whole setup. The footage was then taken in for some quick editing just in time for the audience to settle in for an unexpected surprise.

Lost, then found: Via