Little Girl Performs Awesome Trick Shots

We’ve previously featured the women’s golf team of San Diego State University performing some impressive trick shots but Riley Dashwood is in a ball game all her own. The 6 year-old was inspired by a viral video of Josh Hawkins, the ‘trick shot king’, performing his signature ‘no-look’ trick shots and decided to try the amazing feats herself. With determination and a whole lot of tries, the ever patient and persistent star on the rise creates an entertaining compilation set of trick shots that almost looks impossible were it not for the laundry list of honest tries listed by her dad (not to mention, her absolute delight in finding out she made it):

Riley’s Attempts:
Short tube: 12 (several successes)
Yellow paper ball: 64
Long tube: 1 (First go, no joke)
Tennis ball rebound: 1hour x4 days (4 hours) approx 300
Spoon in cup: 12
Milk: 36 (over 2 days)
DVD: 34
Toothbrush: 136
Toaster: 54
Toilet roll holder: 142 (close, but not achieved)