Mad Genius Invents Bed That Ejects You When It’s Time to Wake Up

This mad genius has finally devised a solution to a problem that has plagued mankind since sleeping was invented. Colin Furze, the engineer who was also the brains behind the set of retractable Wolverine claws (yes, he’s on a roll), has come up with the perfect fix for sleepyheads who find it tough to get up in the morning: a bed that literally launches you when the alarm goes off. No more “5 more minutes” or abusing the snooze button–you either hit the ceiling or the floor when it’s wake up time. Furze seems to have the cure for humanity’s ills. In that case, we can’t for him to finish building that teleporting machine that we’ve wanted all this time. Or at least hangover-free booze.

Lost, then found: Via