OBI Renovates for Effective Advertising

OBI is getting in on the guerilla marketing bandwagon in an attempt to cement their market leadership in the European DIY front. Together with ad agency Jung Von Matt, Germany’s largest hardware retailer is getting out of the ugly advertising rat race by putting their label on “Renovated Billboards.” Their strategy involved renovating a billboard-sized wall of the closest rundown buildings around the store to show people what amazing results can be achieved with their products. The stark difference of a painted wall with trimmings and a planter in the middle of a dilapidated, grey wall is eye-catching and sends all the right messages in favor of the chain DIY store. With three of the advertising company’s mission being “We love quality, We communicate at eye level, and We remain dissatisfied,” it’s no wonder Jung Von Matt was able to churn out a brilliant and ingenious ad to keep OBI in the lead.









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