A Parade to Celebrate Design

Italian brand Seletti holds ‘Design Pride’ parade in the city of Milan with big names like Eletti, Disaronno, Gufram, and Pepsico, to celebrate design week and it looked absolutely fun.

Experiment: How Does an Owl Fly So Silently?

BBC program, Super Powered Owls conducts an experiment to learn more about these nocturnal creatures. By using sensitive sound equipment and setup, the team find out how silently owls fly compared to other birds. Makes sense to be almost completely silent when hunting at night.

Spintop Snipers

The folks at Kuma Films are known to travel the world in search for the best street performers, and they certainly found them in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Check out this group of experts spinning top players perform trick shots with unbelievable accuracy. You won’t believe your eyes.

Hippos Chomp Down on Whole Watermelons

This week, we’re taking a break from posting videos of a hydraulic press destroying something. But to satisfy our need to see something being crushed, we bring you hippos devouring watermelons. There’s something oddly satisfying watching these lumbering giants eat whole watermelons in one

Hypnotizing Optical Illusion Rings

Whatever you do, try not to stare too long at the rotating objects. You might just go into a trance. We’re not strangers to this kind of act, but this guy’s isolations of his props, including 8 ring, triple hoop, yin yang, puyo pop ring, and buugeng eightyring are on another level.