Photographer Recreates Death Row Inmates’ Last Meals in No Seconds

Taking the idea of “you are what you eat” to a very serious degree, New Zealand-based photographer Henry Hargreaves recreates the last meals of death row inmates in his series, No Seconds. With these photographs, Hargreaves recreates the last meals of notorious killers such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Timothy McVeigh. You get an intimate glimpse at the killers’ psyche from these spare photographs of food.

no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-01 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-02 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-03 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-04 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-05 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-06 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-07 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-08 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-09 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-10 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-11 no-seconds-henry-hargreaves-12

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