Six Second Video Illusions

In today’s world, illusions are no longer confined by assistants in flouncy dresses and a sleight of hand. Just ask Zach King, who has taken to the Vine to show how he does magic in six second increments. The Vine is a mobile app which enables its users to post 6 second clips and share it through social networking sites. Though King admits he has no real talent in magic, he has captured the attention of millions of viewers with his video-editing prowess which shows him jumping into a car’s closed door or tossing a goldfish cracker into a glass of water only to turn into a live one once it hits the water. The Los Angeles-based filmmaker is not a newbie when it comes to posting videos online. His YouTube video of cats and lightsabres went viral back in 2011, but these series of illusions are sure to capture even those with the shortest of short attention span.

I have a magical Goldfish!

The Bounciest Rubik’s Cube Ever.

When you stain your shirt…

Cooking Ping Pong balls for Breakfast!

A magic door!

Copy and pasting Money!

Almost spilling Coffee on my Computer!

A Weird Error with my Phone!

What to do with your leftover Wrapping Paper.

What color shirt should I wear today?

A little Fruity Card Trick! Say hi below and ill try and comment back!

Why you shouldn’t play in the street!

A Soapy Refreshment.

How to smash car windows!

Turning Water into Ice!

Bunk Bed Problems

Sometimes kittens are just too cute!

Jumping through closets!

My computer as a waffle maker!

The Fruit Swapper 2000.

Time is Money!

How to impress a girl!

Locked your keys in your car? No Problem!

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