Smart Chandelier Provides Updates on World’s Greenest Building

The Tower at PNC Plaza opened in Pittsburgh, PA this month and the eco-friendly structure is paving the way for large structures getting in on the ‘green’ bandwagon. Design firm ESI Design installed an impressive 30 foot chandelier soaring over 24 feet high called ‘The Beacon‘ in the atrium serving a much bigger purpose other than a mere status symbol. The first ever light-and-sound structure uses light, color, text, and sound patterns by way of 1,584 liquid-crystal polycarbonate panels, each with 8 LED lights, to display how the building is performing in terms of energy use, water conservation, fresh air consumption, natural ventilation, composting, and artificial light use which reduces its overall reliance on fossil fuels while maintaining an effectively comfortable environment for its workers. Smart and beautiful, The Beacon highlights groundbreaking innovative technology presented in a captivating way. (All images by Andy Ryan)









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