Stuntman Backflips Over Speeding Formula E Racecar

Two words come to mind when we saw this video: “Death Wish.” As part of the initiative to ramp up interest in Formula E racing’s electric only races, Damien Walters does a backflip over a racecar going 60 mph driven by stunt driver Alistair Whitton. As if jumping over a speeding car wasn’t scary enough, the Hollywood stuntman does it with his back turned to it upping the risk factor by, we’d say, about a billion times. So how exactly did he prepare for the death-defying act? He used a clock to time his jump in relative to the car speeding by on the track beside him. After two days of dry runs, the team came up with 6.6 seconds as the magic number he needed to jump to clear the car making Walters the first person ever to carry out the incredible stunt.