Mural Comes Alive At Night

Indoor murals make a space unique, special, and truly personalized but Keti Sidamonidze couldn’t just settle for the standard painting on a wall. She’s always visualized a glow-in-the-dark mural in her bedroom but knowing her creative limitations, she instead hired Georgian artist Giorgi Makharashvili to bring her vision to life.

Artist Upcycles Wooden Doors to Create Beautiful Mural

Stefaan De Croock adds a three-dimensional aspect and texture to his mural by using the natural grains, holes, and dents that came with the discarded wood he used to create ‘Elsewhere.’ Going by the moniker Strook, the Belgium-based graphic designer quite fittingly mounted the upcycled wooden doors, planks, and furniture on a side wall of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium.

Beautiful Murals of Women Created While Balancing on a Paddleboard

Sean Yoro, who also goes by the moniker Hula, creates realistic paintings of women on canvas but for his newest series, he couldn’t have picked a better medium to display his latest artwork. Balancing on a paddleboard along with cans of paint and brushes, the NYC-based artist paddled out to stone walls submerged in water to paint beautiful visages of females seemingly enjoying a relaxing dip in the pool.