Panda takes over the Iron Man suit for the next Avengers movie?

That’s the dream, but Marvel probably won’t have any of it. And regardless of your opinion on Avengers: Age of Ultron, we can all agree on this–no panda has ever looked as badass as the Iron Panda. Bi Heng subs for Tony Stark in this particular occasion, as he’s the artist who created the nearly 20-foot tall panda in an Iron Man suit that’s displayed in Shenyang China.

Artist Uses Trash to Create Large Animal Sculptures

Artist Artur Bordalo’s (a.k.a. Bordalo II) has figured out the best way to recycle: to turn trash into gorgeous sizeable sculptures. Bordalo II piles on trash over one another, creating a collage of junk finished with paint that is simply awe-inspiring. The canvasses that this street artist uses differ, but you could see his trademark style in each of his works.