Tattooed Bottles: J&B Scotch Rocking Ink Art

For the scotch connoisseur, this would have been one to add to the collection. Twenty-five limited edition of J&B classic scotch were fitted with a latex skin and covered in tattoos earlier this year. The idea to tattoo the bottles came from the French design studio Button Button to commemorate J&B’s heritage. Sébastien Mathieu, co-owner of a popular Parisian tattoo parlor Le Sphinx, was then commissioned to tattoo the bottles. The French tattoo artist spent an average of 20 hours on each bottle using the same design on all of them. Each masterpiece was then slapped with the J&B “Limited Tattoo” label and came in a black silk screened wooden box, further reiterating that this is a collector’s item. And what about the all-too-close resemblance of the bottle sleeve to real skin? Button Button says, “We decided to color skins with a human skin color to strengthen the tattoo perception and create something intriguing.” Sadly, even at over $200 a pop, all 25 bottles sold out within a week at the Publicis Drugstore and at L’éclaireur rue Herold in Paris.









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