The Best Used Car Sales Pitch Ever

When creative minds get together, something epic is bound to happen even if its just for a used car ad. Art director Christoffer Castor of Sweden needed to sell his 1993 Volvo to make room for the 1968 Volvo he just bought (yes, you read that right). He considered putting it up on ‘Blocket,’ a Swedish version of Craigslist, but wanted his ad to stand out. After talking it out with his cinematographer coworker Christian Svanlund, they came up with the idea of launching a movie trailer type of ad. Slow motion pans, a very convincing voice over by his friend Johan Karlberg, and with “Chasing Dreams” by Cellardore playing in the background, the ad looked and sounded like a bona-fide movie trailer. The clever sales pitch starts out with the best possible description of a 1963 Volvo by calling it “a masterpiece of kinetic energy of dynamics and mechanics” and continues to spin out of control with comments such as “cold hurled and forged in spotless tweed in 3 different sauces.” Perhaps the best pitch of the ad comes during the bizarre descriptions of its mundane features such as “a curly exhaust, 4 door handles, fancy turning crank with a built in safety platter, pelvis straps, and an oblong chrome nipple with a 5 on it.” The car still hasn’t been sold with a modest price tag of $1,100 and 340,000 miles which doesn’t come as a surprise for a car that has Hepatitis B.

Lost, then found: Via