These Kids Show How Far Determination Can Take You

Working with Arc Worldwide of Leo Burnett, TMB Bank, one of Thailand’s nationwide private banks, created an inspiring documentary to capture their brand’s vision “Make THE Difference.” The heartwarming true story of the panyee FC started out with a group of kids who loved soccer but found no room to play their beloved sport on the floating island they lived on. Ingenuity fueled by passion led them to build their very own floating soccer field. In order to prevent a spoiler alert, watch the video to discover how sheer determination can turn the impossible to possible. The setting for the micro-documentary was shot on the floating island Koh Panyee where the local kids served as the stars of the show and also helped build the floating dock. According to director Matthew Devine of the Glue Society, “We wanted to create […] a short film that people can watch, rather than a normal tv commercial. To create authenticity, we chose to use local kids from the island to star in the film. This added to the challenge of shooting on water, completely in thai, but we felt the story would be more powerfully told by recreating and witnessing the challenges the original kids face.”

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