This Artist Builds Sand Castles with a Modernist Flair

Artist Calvin Seibert builds sand structures not in the typical bucket and moat style. His creations demonstrate precision, showing modernist and classic influences in their structure. As a young boy he would make structures that looked like a building early in its construction. His influences being the houses constantly being built in his neighborhood. He realized in high school that his early structures were sculptures and went from studying as an architect to artist. Photographing his creations allowed him to see how they might evolve.

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 01

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 02

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 03

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 04

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 05

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 06

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 07

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 08

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 10

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 11

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 12

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 13

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 14

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 15

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 16

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 17

sand-castles-calvin-seibert- 18

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