This Museum Smells Good for a Reason

To many, Glade is synonymous with whiffs of everything delightful but Radical Media knew they had to go beyond the olfactory to launch the brand’s new line of scents to astronomical heights. Relying on the belief that memories are strongly tied to the sense of smell, the creative firm launched the Museum of Feelings; a 5,300-square-foot portable building divided into rooms filled with themes reflective of Glade’s 5 new scents: optimism, joy, invigorated, exhilarated, and calm. From a mood-affirming kaleidoscope space to a darkened area besieged with green LED vines, a Glade scent is piped into each room and viewers are invited to absorb and interact with the varying installations in the hopes of linking each scent to a memorable experience. The museum is free to the public and is located in Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park City until December 15th.







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