What Animals Look Like Doing Human Stuff

Here at Lost in Internet, we love how artists see things differently than the average joe. Take for example, Claudia Ficca  (food stylist) and Davide Luciano (photographer) who did exactly that with animal feet. To many people, chicken feet is chicken feet. But to the husband and wife team, animal feet could be just as useful and beautiful as hands…at least in photography.

There is a method to the duo’s madness because one gets the sense that the feet chosen were suitable for the task at hand. For example, the chicken feet picture would make anyone do a double-take because other than the fact that there are only 4 digits, the color and positioning of the “hands” resemble a perfectly manicured set of human hands. In another, a pig’s foot bearing scratches above its wrist holds a cigar with an Old-Fashioned filled with whiskey conjures an image of a mob boss. Appropriately named “Cold Feet,” the series will make anyone grin at the cleverness of it all.






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