Everyday Objects Turned Into 3d Art

Christoph Niemann creates a series of absurdly convincing 3D images using everyday objects in Sunday Sketches. Manipulating mundane items to be viewed in a completely different light when coupled with his clever sketches, the New York-based artist takes the saying ‘thinking outside the box’ in a whole other level.

These Dogs Are Ready to Come Out and Play

Valerie Susik draws a series of adorable canine portraits in realistic detail but that’s not the only thing that makes her work cleverly creative. Using Instagram photographs of dogs she personally found to be irresistible, the Russian illustrator recreates their cute mugs with watercolor posing them in a way as if to interact with their real life surroundings.

Bodies Entangled in Motion

Leah Yerpe draws human bodies in motion in such incredible realism that it’s hard to believe they are not products of stop-motion photography. The native New Yorker got her start in painting and actually still prefers the look of abstract images but have since switched to drawing with charcoal and even with a humble mechanical pencil.