Street Art

Discarded Mattresses Turned Into Food Sculptures

Although the mention of someone recycling mattresses found in the garbage might give you the heebie-jeebies, wait until you see what Lor-K has turned them into for her new project ‘Eat Me.’ From the grill marks on kebobs to the powdered sugar on waffles, the French street artist is able to realistically recreate the small details we expect to find in the food we love.

Pimping Out Taxi Cabs With Art

Unless you’ve been in the Cash Cab, we all know the insides of the rent-per-minute vehicles are pretty blah and understandably so seeing that customers usually just rush their way in and out of them. Mumbai-based Taxi Fabric is changing the the way we view a taxi ride, one artwork at a time.

Invader Adds Pixelated Video Game Characters All Over the City of Paris

French street artist Invader’s latest mosaics brandishing the city walls of Paris will bring a smile to anyone who knows anything about pop culture. Adding a touch of whimsy from run-of-the-mill buildings to over-graffitied walls, the subtle addition of pixelated video game characters from the 1970s classic arcade game Space Invaders to Super Mario Bros creates a playful aura to an otherwise humdrum structure.