The Flower Men of Calcutta

Ken Hermann features a juxtaposition seen in the everyday dealings at the famed Mallick Ghat flower market, the oldest and largest of its kind in India, in the series ‘Flower Men.’ The Danish photographer captures male flower vendors posing in front of the Hooghly River donning a serious expression while draped in hibiscus garlands, crowned with mango leaves, and holding bouquets of bright flora.

School Lunches from Around the Globe

In this photography series of mostly appetizing and carefully plated meals, the Sweetgreen restaurant depicts examples of school lunches from different countries. As studies have revealed how the food we give our kids can impact their school performance, this exposition is eye opening and might even make you rethink your own lunch.

American Vintage Cars Turned Into Taxis in Cuba

Thomas Mcinicke offers classic car enthusiasts some eye candy care of a little country called Cuba in his new series Havanna Cabs. The German photojournalist captured aerial photos of the vintage cars with their gleaming exteriors and old school characters that harkens back to the heavy U.S. influence dating back five decades ago.

The Floating Schools of Bangladesh

According to climate predictions, up to 15% of Bangladesh will be completely flooded in as little as a decade from now and by 2030, as much as 20% could be uninhabitable. Currently, yearly monsoons cause thousands of schools to close due to overflowing rivers that number in the hundreds and Mohammed Rezwan has taken it upon himself to prepare for the inevitable.

What Kids Around the World Are Waking Up To

Just as cultures around the world are as wonderfully varied from one country to another, so is their most important meal of the day. New York Times magazine features ‘Rise and Shine: What kids around the world eat for breakfast’ where photographer Hannah Whitaker sat down with children from seven countries as they prepare to eat their first meal of the day.

People Neck Shots for Shot Face Shoot

We all do it. We all regret it in the morning. And while we’re concentrating on just keeping those celebratory shots down, we unknowingly pull some pathetic faces. Brit photographer Tim Charles came up with the novel idea of immortalizing those strained post-tequila expressions in a series of hilarious action shots.

Stripping Groceries Naked

Sara Wolf and Miena Glimbovski, the brainchilds behind Original Unverpackt or “Originally Unpackaged” in Berlin, are starting a revolution. Disillusioned by the amount of disposable packaging they generated after preparing a dinner for their friends one night, the duo came up with the idea of setting up a grocery store and doing away with all the wasteful packaging altogether.