Dancer Documents How She Copes Living Back Home With Family

Shoccara Marcus uprooted her life in Brooklyn to live back home with her ailing father in Georgia and captures how she coped with it all in the series ‘Choreographing My Past.’ Finding her childhood surroundings left exactly the way it was when she left ten years ago, the Atlanta-based photographer and professional dancer turned to her passion to deal with her new, yet familiar, situation. Holding statuesque poses in the background while the rest of her family goes about their everyday businesses, she eases her way back with integrating into the family she left behind while slowly trying to get used to a less than independent lifestyle. Marcus admits almost abandoning the project at times as she struggled to find her place back home but has since regained a steady footing within the familial space. “Choreographing My Past” will be on exhibit at Arnika Dawkins Gallery in Atlanta, GA from May 8 – 15.



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