Photographs of Dogs Wearing Cones of Shame

Photographer Ty Foster was inspired to create his dogs wearing cones of shame series when his father sent him a picture of his two dogs in the post-vet healing collars. While these devices are a necessary evil for animals to heal, Foster’s portraits aptly depict the humiliating and unbearable experience the dogs have while wearing them.

Paintings of Animals with Landscape Bodies

Daniel Mackie’s beautiful watercolor paintings add a new dimension to the animals he draws. Each animal’s body is illustrated by a lush and detailed landscape. According to his website, “Daniel is a big fan of the printmakers of the Ukiyo-e period, which was between the 17th and 20th centuries.”

Over 21 Striking Albino Animals

Just like with humans, albino animals are rare and majestic due to their absence of color. Born with all white skin and fur, these animals don’t blend into their surroundings in the least. In this collection of photos, you can appreciate their uniqueness and beauty.