Turn Plastic Bottles into Ropes with the Plastic Bottle Cutter

Pavel and Ian thought of a clever solution to recycle plastic bottles. The Plastic Bottle Cutter is a pocket-size tool designed to reuse and recycle all kinds of plastic bottles by turning them into convenient and handy plastic ropes. They only needed less than $10,000 on Kickstarter to make this tool a reality, but the duo already raised more than $340,000 after going live with the campaign.

This Alarm Clock Has No Snooze Button

Winson Tam’s alarm clock will make sure you never hit the snooze button again. How? By designing Ruggie, an alarm clock that does not have a snooze button. Even worse, the alarm can only be shut off by standing on an included pressure-sensitive rug with both feet, hence the name. Go on to Kickstarter to fund this evil device.