Body Art

Animal Tattoos in the “Pixel & Glitch” Style

No one ever wants to hear that his or her tattoo artist made a slip-up while working—unless that was the intention. For Russian artist, Lesha Lauz, the “Pixel & Glitch” tattoo technique is an art form that he’s willing to teach other artists. In the mix of his vivid animal tattoos, he adds an additional layer of a digital glitch.

The Flexibility of the Skin We Are In

Juuke Schoorl exposes the often overlooked abilities of our skin with her final graduation project REK (‘stretch’ in Dutch). Using nothing but basic items like nylon fishing rope and tape to create small manipulations to the skin, the Dutch photographer is able to create an uncomfortable and an out of this world effect to the largest organ of the body.

What Would You Trade for a Tattoo

Unlike your current love-of-the-moment’s name, these tattoos are understated and will stand the test of time.
Tokyo and Melbourne-based Stanislava Pinchuk, who also goes by Miso, gives “friends and friends-of-friends” as she puts it, these beautiful, minimalistic tattoos in exchange for goods and favors.

Halloween-Inspired Lip Art

From body paint to face painting, people have been pushing the boundaries when it comes to dressing up for Halloween and to Eva Senin Pernas, the magic is in the details. The Spanish photographer and make-up artist has been harnessing her skills with makeup since her teenage years when she was given the iconic book ‘Making Faces’ by the late makeup guru Kevin Aucoin.