Panda takes over the Iron Man suit for the next Avengers movie?

That’s the dream, but Marvel probably won’t have any of it. And regardless of your opinion on Avengers: Age of Ultron, we can all agree on this–no panda has ever looked as badass as the Iron Panda. Bi Heng subs for Tony Stark in this particular occasion, as he’s the artist who created the nearly 20-foot tall panda in an Iron Man suit that’s displayed in Shenyang China.

Elin Thomas’s Mold Art

Elin Thomas sees mold in an artistic light. Using moldy Petri dishes as her base, she adds embroidery thread, crochet and needle felting to create brooches, rings and textile pieces. The results are a lot less creepy than you’d expect.

Pencil Shaving Art

From the Cat in the Hat to Nelson Mandela, artist Meghan Maconochie has found a way to take pencil shavings and transform them into art. As part of a 365 day Instagram project, Maconochie hand sharpens pencils and layers the shavings on cards or paper to create her works.

Realism Through Embroidery

Cayce Zavaglia creates incredibly realistic embroidery of friends, family and fellow artists that mimic the careful strokes of a brush in portrait paintings. Originally a painter by trade, she switched to embroidery as a way to express herself creatively using nontoxic materials and as a way to reference an embroidered piece she made as a child.

The Cutest Chimera You’ll Ever See

Combine the body of a kitten with the face of a sloth and you get a slitten, obviously. This tumblr page dedicated to slittens features them looking cute as all get out. The best part of this imaginary critter has to be its smile, like it knows an awfully juicy secret. Maybe the secret is that it really exists and we just can’t have one.

Recreating Family Pictures as Done by 23 Different Artists

There is nothing more precious to a mother’s heart than her family and Ernst Berlin hit the nail on the head when he gave his wife and new mom Agnes the perfect birthday gift. Using the Reddit Gets Drawn subreddit where people can submit their photographs and ask the community’s artists to submit their own renditions of the image, he asked 50 redditors if they would redraw his family’s pictures.