Paper Art

Full-Sized Weapons Made of Post-It Notes

Post-it notes aren’t just good for leaving reminders around the office, or decorating a drab wall, they can also be used for sculpting. Rome-based sculptor Marco Ecroli turns colorful post-its which he stacks and hand-cut into full-sized replica weapons. His “Army” project includes a Colt six-shooter, a machine gun, a hand grenade, and a katana. Bonus photo is his full-sized car.

Artist Creates Impressively Intricate Paper Art

This artist is into paper cut art, and she’s got mad skills. White’s weapon of choice is a surgical knife that allows her to create the precise cuts necessary in her elaborate designs. She shares that she enjoys paper cut art in particular because of the challenge and the permanence (if you mess up, you either have to live with it or start all over again) of the craft.