Poetic Words Hiding Behind Tangled Metal

Part anamorphic sculpture, part poetry, Fred Eerdekens bends and manipulates metal into what looks like an unrecognizable tangle of mess. But with light in hand and just the right angle, one would be more than convinced of the technical aspect that went into creating one of his sculptures.

Artist Uses Trash to Create Large Animal Sculptures

Artist Artur Bordalo’s (a.k.a. Bordalo II) has figured out the best way to recycle: to turn trash into gorgeous sizeable sculptures. Bordalo II piles on trash over one another, creating a collage of junk finished with paint that is simply awe-inspiring. The canvasses that this street artist uses differ, but you could see his trademark style in each of his works.

Hand-Carved 3D Book Covers

Latvian sculptor Aniko Koleshnikova creates detailed engraved and embellished book covers that are inspired by fantasy and supernatural stories. From dragons and owls to skulls and roses, her custom creations are made with incredible care and detail.

Sarah Louise Davey’s Macabre Sculptures

A delicate mixture of the grotesque and whimsical, Sarah Louise Davey’s clay sculptures challenge our ideas of beauty. Her nymph-like beasts are crafted to be grisly and ugly but also lovely in a visceral way. Davey says, “I question my own experience of these through the various personalities that emerge with each hybrid portrait.”