Perpetual Swing Thing Machine

We’re not sure if Rcbif was working hard or hardly working, because he had time to build a useless contraption only people who are bored af would think of building. Using nothing but supplies found on or around his desk, he built a perpetual Swing Thing machine based on a concept he once saw online.

How to Start a Fire With a Frankenstein Lemon

Though we wouldn’t count on bringing a lemon if our audition tape ever gets selected for Naked and Afraid, this nifty little trick is still pretty awesome to know. Be prepared to be fascinated at what a softened lemon, copper clips, zinc nails, a piece of wire and steel wool can do when you arrange them just so.

Full Auto Coke Bottle Arrow Gatling Gun

Never bring a coke bottle to a gun fight. Unless that bottle is part of the gatling gun that can fire a hailstorm of arrows at your enemies. Case-in-point: Joerg Sprave’s homemade fully automatic Coke Bottle Gatling. It uses repressurized Coke bottle on a disc, a motorized screwdriver and a compressor. Please don’t try this at home — unless you have all the parts.

Dinner Fork Door Lock

Youtuber Phil Crockett came up with an ingenious way to secure a door shut with a utensil. His dinner fork door lock is made from a modified, um, dinner fork which comes in very handy for adding a little extra security and peace of mind to a motel room, public restroom or any interior/exterior door.