Graphic Design

Cartoon Characters Impart Inspirational Quotes

Unbeknownst to many who have watched popular cartoon shows and movies, many of the fictional characters starring in them have actually imparted many important lessons, ones to live by even. AAA State of Play, a playground fixture company, creates a compilation of characters along with their inspirational words of wisdom.

Drawing Sh*t Everyday Is Fun

In 2011, Sarah Lawrence was struggling to find a creative way to practice her design trade while taking on the hot trend of doing something everyday for 365 days when her friend suggested “just draw some shit, okay?” Taking her friend’s suggestion quite literally, the graphic designer and design section editor for Paste Magazine from Atlanta, Georgia explores just how creative she could get when it comes to writing the four letter ‘S’ word in the ongoing series ‘Drawing Shit Everyday.’

Game of Thrones Characters Sport 80s and 90s Outfits

We’ve featured Game of Thrones pugs before but what would our favorite characters look like if they time-warped into the 80s and 90s? in Mike Wrobel’s series Game of Thrones 80s/90s, The Tokyo-based French graphic designer put a lighthearted spin on the drama-heavy tv series by giving its cast members a wardrobe makeover reminiscent of the gang from Beverly Hills 90210 and the grunge years.