Electric Off-Road Rollerblades

Off road adventure is once again improved with a new device built by Jack Skopinski. The EV4 Off-Road Rollerblades is an electric rollerblade featuring rubber tracks, two small motors powered by an 11-pound battery. These blades can propel you up to 9 MPH for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Big Ship Launch Compilation

In case you didn’t know, big ships are built on dry land, then launched into some type of body of water before it makes it out into the ocean. Seeing large ships built is a marvel to watch, but even better is seeing them go into the water for the first time. Our favorite is the side launch, where the ship looks like it’ll sink before the main voyage.

Boston Dynamics Atlas: Man vs. Machine

Part of Google-owned Boston Dynamics robotics project Atlas, is a humanoid robot able to walk on two legs and perform tasks like navigating obstacles and terrain, as well as lifting and stacking objects. It’s unfortunate that this kind of awesome machinery is required to go through testing which includes physical abuse and torture. This could be seen as beginning of the war between man and machine.

Mesmerizing Hydrographic Printing

Hydrographics or “immersion printing” is a method for physically decorating 3D objects or surfaces with customized color, texture, pattern and design. This process is widely used which utilizes water transfer print film, an activating chemical to soften the film and water. Check out the video below of items dipped into the water with the floating film. The method is quite mesmerizing.

Sushi Robots in Japan

When it comes to making sushi, no one can match the speed and efficiency of Suzumo’s sushi robots. Anticipating the need of high-volume supermarkets and all-you-can-eat-buffets, this Japanese firm created its first sushi robot in 1981. Now, 90% of the world’s sushi bots come from Suzumo. Their machines can easily create up to 4,000 pieces of sushi per hour, as well as one complete roll of sushi every 12 seconds.

Extremely Bright Military-Grade Tactical Flashlight

Gather all the flashlights you have in your home, car and garage and toss them in the garbage. The military has recently released an incredible flashlight every family should have. Made of durable aluminum, the military-grade Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight offers 800 lumens with five modes, including low, medium, high, variable frequency strobe and S.O.S. Best of all, it’s made in the U.S.A.