Spintop Snipers

The folks at Kuma Films are known to travel the world in search for the best street performers, and they certainly found them in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Check out this group of experts spinning top players perform trick shots with unbelievable accuracy. You won’t believe your eyes.

Hippos Chomp Down on Whole Watermelons

This week, we’re taking a break from posting videos of a hydraulic press destroying something. But to satisfy our need to see something being crushed, we bring you hippos devouring watermelons. There’s something oddly satisfying watching these lumbering giants eat whole watermelons in one

Hypnotizing Optical Illusion Rings

Whatever you do, try not to stare too long at the rotating objects. You might just go into a trance. We’re not strangers to this kind of act, but this guy’s isolations of his props, including 8 ring, triple hoop, yin yang, puyo pop ring, and buugeng eightyring are on another level.

Perpetual Swing Thing Machine

We’re not sure if Rcbif was working hard or hardly working, because he had time to build a useless contraption only people who are bored af would think of building. Using nothing but supplies found on or around his desk, he built a perpetual Swing Thing machine based on a concept he once saw online.

World’s Largest K’NEX Ball Machine

Commissioned by Brickmania Toyworks in Minneapolis, Austin Granger, 23 year-old computer science student at the University of Minnesota, created the world’s largest K’NEX ball machine. The machine is 278 meters long and is made up for 126,285 K’NEX pieces. That’s doesn’t even include the countless balls running around the track.

The Ultimate Slip n’ Slide

Airtrack Mats are inflatable mats specially designed to help athletes train and perfect their techniques safely. For world renowned freerunner, stuntman and gymnast Damien Walters, they’re also great for some good ol’ summer time shenanigans. After a long day of training, Damien and friends decided to cover their mats in soapy water to create the ultimate slip n’ slide.

That’s Not a Catfish on the End of His Line

After letting his catfish noodle soak near their campsite, Lance Burgos returned expecting to pull in a big one on the end of the line. At first tug, he thought he may have snagged a garfish judging from the weight, but based on his reaction he never expected to pull this from the murky waters of Lake Fausse Pointe State Park.

Giant Flaming Jenga

The folks at Vat19 wanted to introduce their Giant Jenga in a dramatic fashion — by setting it ablaze. Watch as they light their set on fire and play a game with the help of a fire retardant goo on their hands. We hope this goes without saying, but please don’t try this at home.