Starbucks and Nike Partner Up for Coffee-Themed Sneakers

This might come off as an insult to die-hard sneakerheads but two unlikely brands have come together for a mashup that we’re not quite sure how to feel about. The Starbucks-themed SB Dunk Low Premium ($100) contains the coffee giant’s trademark colors for the leather trim and sole and a swirl design reminiscent of our favorite frothy beverage.

Primitive Technology Builds Dome Hut by Hand

Before Primitive Technology built and moved into his luxurious wood and clay hut complete with a fireplace, he slummed it in a thatched dome hut. In case you’re interested, the dome hut is available and may still be on the market. It’s completely built by hand, 8 feet wide in diameter, 6-1/4 feet tall, and designed to shed rain and funnel smoke well while retaining heat. Serious inquiries only please.