Beautiful Murals of Women Created While Balancing on a Paddleboard

Sean Yoro, who also goes by the moniker Hula, creates realistic paintings of women on canvas but for his newest series, he couldn’t have picked a better medium to display his latest artwork. Balancing on a paddleboard along with cans of paint and brushes, the NYC-based artist paddled out to stone walls submerged in water to paint beautiful visages of females seemingly enjoying a relaxing dip in the pool.

Classic Paintings of Curvy Women Reworked Through Photoshop

Back in history, Renaissance painters captured the female body realistically instead of adjusting it here and there for a more svelte figure. Nowadays, it’s no secret that every face and body gracing the front covers of magazines have been treated with Photoshop and Lauren Wade wanted to show what famous works of art would look like had they been treated with the same digital magic.

13 Year Old Child Prodigy’s Paintings Sells for Thousands

Hailed by The Discovery Channel as an artistic genius, it’s no surprise that Autumn de Forest’s paintings have sold for as much as $25,000 and is sought after by collectors around the world. The 13 year old has been painting since she was 5 and her artwork hangs among other masterpieces by art history greats such as Picasso, Miro, Dali, and Chagall on Park West Gallery’s walls.

Paintings for Ants

Lorraine Loots challenged herself to make a miniature painting everyday for a whole year without the intention of anything else beyond the concept. The Cape Town-based artist has always had a love for detail and came up with ‘365 Paintings for Ants’ as a way to express her creativity.