Primitive Technology Builds Dome Hut by Hand

Before Primitive Technology built and moved into his luxurious wood and clay hut complete with a fireplace, he slummed it in a thatched dome hut. In case you’re interested, the dome hut is available and may still be on the market. It’s completely built by hand, 8 feet wide in diameter, 6-1/4 feet tall, and designed to shed rain and funnel smoke well while retaining heat. Serious inquiries only please.

Sea Organ Plays Perpetual Music

Constructed in 2005, the Sea Organ in the Adriatic Sea in Zadar, Croatia was designed by Nikola Bašić to make perpetual music using ocean waves. The acoustic jetty spans 230 feet wide and include 35 polyethylene tubes of varying sizes. When the waves flood each chamber, air is forced out through large tubes tuned to play seven chords of five tones.