This Museum Smells Good for a Reason

To many, the Glade brand is synonymous with whiffs of everything delightful but Radical Media knew they had to go beyond the olfactory to launch the brand’s new line of scents to astronomical heights and so they came up with the Museum of Feelings located in Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park City.

Photoshoppers Trim down Plus-Sized Women via Photoshop to “Inspire” Them to Lose Weight

A Facebook group called “Project Harpoon” (it’s shut down as of this writing) has drawn flak for making plus-sized women look thinner. The group claims that all it intends to do, though, is to “inspire” these women to lose weight. Project Harpoon appears to be an offshoot of ThInnerBeauty (a website that also has its own subreddit), which has similar aims.

Oreo Isn’t Just a Great Snack, It Also Makes For Awesome Food Art

There are so many ways to eat an Oreo. You can split it open and lick the cream first. You can dunk it into a glass of milk. You can also just toss it into your mouth straight up and munch on it until it’s gone. Or you could choose not to eat the Oreo and instead create cute food art on it. Option D is almost always food artist Tisha Cherry’s choice, unless she’s terribly hungry.

These Tornadoes of Light Are a Thing of Beauty

There’s a pretty big chance that these photos are the most magnificent images you’ll see all day. And no, these aren’t stills from a sci-fi movie. U.K.-based photographer Martin Kumbell composed these pictures using LEDs (that are hurled into the air) and long exposure, resulting into wonderful tornadoes of light.