How To Become A Sushi Chef

If you think bagging a sushi kit on Amazon makes you a sushi chef, think again. There’s a lot more to it than rolling crab meat in rice and seaweed. Watch this video by Eater of Oona Tempest, an apprentice sushi chef at New York City’s Tanoshi Sushi, on what it takes to become a full-fledged sushi master.

How Japan and Netherlands Down Drones

Although unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones are easily available online and in stores, there are certain rules a pilot must follow before sending these aircrafts in the air. And if you’re living in Japan or Netherlands, make sure you follow these rules or you’ll find your drone downed by an even larger, net-wielding drone or a raptor from above.

Penis Wins a Wrestling Match

If you think professional wresting was fake, wait until you see this match between Joey Ryan and Danshoku Dino in Osaka, Japan. Sometime during the match, Danshoku tried to cheat by putting Ryan’s crotch in a submission hold, but this move took an unexpected twist. To be honest, we can’t imagine anyone getting out of this type of death grip, but we’re guessing if you have a penis like Ryan, you can get in and out of anything.

Cats in Japan Are Now Dressing Up Like Totoro

Halloween is still a good few months away; but for the Japanese, there’s never a bad time to make their cats resemble Totoro. The “Totoro” that we’re talking about is of course the wood spirit from the Hayao Miyazaki classic “My Neighbor Totoro.” Cat owners are using basic paper cut-outs in order to achieve the googly-eye look (or even plastic googly eyes, in some cases).

Cats in Kimonos Take Over Japan

As you know, cats run the internet. Japan, especially, has an intense love affair with felines. Hence, it was pretty much a no-brainer that sooner or later, someone will come up with something as super brilliant as cats in kimonos. Kimonos are of course the traditional Japanese robes that are usually reserved for special occasions.