Emotional Cups from Gawatt

Whether it be creating a character for you coffee, or simply letting everyone know how you’re feeling, these innovative souvenir cups sure do raise a smile. Or frown. Or wink. Courtesy of designers at Backbone Branding it’s a limited edition range exclusively for Gawatt.

The Sleeping Chinese of Ikea

It can be hard work, shopping, especially if you’re at it all day as China’s ever-expanding middle-class sometimes is. With that in mind, Ikea not only lets, but actively encourages its customers to take a load off and rest those weary eyes upon their wares. It’s certainly one way to promote the comfort of your stock.

Upcycled Jewelry That is Simply Delightful

Fashionistas and tree-huggers alike will revel at the hand-crafted accessories made by Marcel Dunger. The Germany-based artist gives broken pieces of maple wood a second life with the help of colorful, eco-friendly resin. Dunger presses the wood into the biodegradable resin and polishes them into their desired shape for a collection that is definitely unique […]